BAJOZERO is a Southamerican Death Metal band from Barquisimeto, Venezuela. With over 25 years of career, four albums and presence all around the country and Southamerica, BAJOZERO has become one of the most representative Death Metal bands from Venezuela. Since its inception, the thematic focus of the band has been: the global, environmental and political crisis (without partiality) as well as the social, psychological and existential problems of the human being, all this mixed with the aggressiveness and strength of the musical compositions and the energy transmitted in their concerts.

BAJOZERO begins its long and important musical journey in the city of Barquisimeto, at the end of December 1995, with the purpose of offering a different and innovative proposal within the genre. In their first months they decide to record a few tracks to be known in the radio. This first production was called "Manifestación" and was the first formal material of a local metal band to be recorded in one of the best studios in the region, and which allowed them to perform their first concerts. Among the most outstanding pieces of this production were "Sueño profundo" and "Manifestación". The album was supported by the record label Ratarecord, which was responsible for distributing the material to countries such as Argentina, Spain, Chile, Cuba, Peru and Colombia.

In 2003, after several important changes in their formation and style, and with a greater musical maturity and a more compact, heavy and defined concept, BAJOZERO recorded the album "Santería" under the label Melomaniac Metalmedia Records. This album contained emblematic tracks like "Infección", "La guerra, el negocio" and "Santeria", that was used for their first video clip, broadcasted on Venezuelan television channels such as PUMA TV. After a national tour, including a participation in the concert of the American band ILL NIÑO, drummer Edmer "Bambam" Fernandez leaves the band for personal reasons at the end of 2005, being replaced by Freddy López (Sacro), providing greater aggressiveness, speed and a more updated concept to the band, live and in studio. In mid-2006, BAJOZERO toured with the respected Colombian band NEUROSIS INC., representing Venezuela in the second edition of the Suramerican Metal Fest Bogota y Pereira festival.

The band later begins the pre-production of the next album, releasing a promotional Demo entitled “Caminos inhumanos”, which led the band to a tour of a few weeks through Colombia in cities such as Bogotá and Pereira, making BAJOZERO the first metal band to make presentations outside the country's borders. By mid-2008, vocalist Pedro Virguez leaves the band for family commitments, being replaced by Nestor "Fly" Parra (War Pigs, Sarcasmo), providing greater versatility, aggressiveness and dynamism for vocal work, reflected in the following album of 2013 entitled "Elementos de Extinción", which contained tracks like "Tiempos de cambio", "Sacrificados" and "Contradicciones". Subsequently, bassist Leonardo Mendez (Piraña) joins the band.

After a promotional tour, vocalist Nestor Parra leaves the band, joining Josmar Juarez (Blood Prophecy, Brutal Nativo), who incorporates elements of Slamming and Melodic Death Metal to the sound of BAJOZERO, influences incorporated in “Hijos de nadie”, a production made in 2016. Immediately after the album's release, BAJOZERO began the promotion by carrying out an extensive national tour, during which there were significant formation changes due to the departure of drummer Freddy López, who was replaced by José Peralta (Breaking Hells), and the departure of bassist Leonardo Méndez, replaced by Héctor Barrios (Wolfang). In 2018, BAJOZERO recorded a live DVD during a concert held at the Teatro Juares in Barquisimeto, for the benefit of the Casa Hogar Immaculada Concepción. Shortly after, bassist Héctor Barrios leaves the band, being replaced by José Miguel Pérez (Tephros, Dose, Pedobear).

In 2019, the band edit and produce their live CD/DVD entitled "Live in Barquisimetal", which was released digitally in July of the same year. After the departure of drummer Jose Peralta, the band takes some time to reorganize its lines, passing José M. Pérez to rhythm guitar and then entering Juan Carlos Rondón (Disaster Prophet) on the bass and Eduardo Salas (Brutal Nativo, Los Record) on the drums, who joined quickly to cover the band's agenda, including shows and recording of the "Proaudio live sessions". In 2022, due to health reasons, Eduardo Salas leaves the band, taking the position Nelson Urdaneta (Index of Wickedness, Living Decomposition), a former member of the band. In 2022, the band starts a national tour called "20 años de Santeria", celebrating the anniversary of their first album. The tour included the cities Caracas, Barquisimeto, San Felipe, San Cristobal and Acarigua.

  • Josmar Juarez - vocals
  • Honorio Torrealba - guitars
  • Jose M. Perez - guitars
  • Juan C. Rondon - bass
  • Nelson Urdaneta - drums